Dandy is a collection of portraits depicted from random pictures I find on the internet. Some evoke personal narratives that I define from the moment as the drawing starts to take form. Sometimes don´t know where they are going to end.
The hipster approach to the contemporary dandy comes with the shape of a mustache. All the portraits carry a biographic mark, two signs on the face, like if all of them were part of the same person. The stories are about simple things on a daily basis: obsession with hair, crossed eyes, the weight of memories, the perfect uniform...

ok,  pencil on paper

all the memories,  pencil on paper

a stick,  pencil on paper

lost stories,  pencil on paper

i´m ok,  pencil on paper

absence,  pencil on paper

miss you, pencil on paper

pencil on paper pencil on paper

haircut,  pencil on paper